Artist – 郭博州





Kuo Bor-jou (b.1960) is a Taiwanese painter who received a master degree at the faculty of Fine Arts, City University of New York in 1991. He currently is the Dean of College of Humanities and Arts in National Taipei University of Education. Kuo’s artworks was recognized in both local and international galleries and museums, his works was exhibited in over 30 solo exhibitions.

Most of KuoBor-Jou‘ s artworks are created with mixed media. He adopts montage to collage the slices of life. By overlapping the various materials, he creates an aesthetic space between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional. He attempts to create a dialogue between tradition and modern, between East and West. By re-assembling and collating images of different space-time backgrounds he allows the canvas look humorous, rich in beauty of the stacked images, and filled with whimsical imagination revealing poetic imagery.


2019 逸遊心外-郭博州創作個展・人文遠雄博物館・新北
2017 大哉八十系列-郭博州個展・藝境畫廊・台北
2017 筆墨深蘊-郭博州彩墨彩瓷創作展・臺華藝術中心・新北
2017 墨彩・塵外-郭博州藝術展・尊彩藝術中心・台北


2019 花月正春風-聯展・形而上畫廊・台北
2018 十二生肖藝術家彩繪助學特展 台北首展・學學文化創意基金會・台北
2018 春滿乾坤-花卉彩瓷聯展・臺華藝術中心・新北
2018 2018紙上作品特展・博藝畫廊・台北
2017 匯流.臺美版畫交流展・二空間,台北