Artworks C. C. Da Ming





Artist Statement
Art is one of my method to explore and experience the mystic of the life in cosmos. After the learning and construction in various area of life, these experiences turned into the materials and nutrition for my artworks. The symbols on canvas sometimes relate to icons in society; sometimes they convey multiple meanings with abstract composition; sometimes they question the traditional signifier/signified with abstract expression.
Since 2015, I have attempted to forget the chaos in this changing society, ignoring the millions of forms from all beings. The changing colors and lights in cosmos were extracted. The horizontal line was the baseline. One layer after a layer, the colors were painted. High, low, far and near. Intertwined, layered and merged. The peaceful scenes of mind were thus created on the opposite side of complex grabbing and dispute over value as well as of tiny and various claptrap. The life started to grow and connect from simple construction somewhere in this endless universe from the very beginning. Thinking and intention are gradually in silence, I feel the connection with cosmos in stillness. Thus, the body and mind are in harmony, and the soul reside then transcend.